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Still you might fail in getting your right expectation. Lengthy questions can be confusing and still we may not be able to analyze the honesty of an individual. But Open-end questions could break down such trauma. Just try to get back with statistical questions through questionnaire to get quick answers. Don’t wait long to Inquire us. Just grasp the opportunity

  • - Cross sectional surveys
  • - Data collection methodologies
  • - Casual comparative research
  • - Polls
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Panel Research

Teamvisory holds a specialized team to conduct market research. We believe that we can possibly endow the highest optimum use of our panel researching ability through

  • - Households panel surveys
  • - Rotating paneling surveys
  • - Cohort panel surveys
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Online Research

We are born to bring solutions to this modern trends. We have a specialized team with extensive capabilities to conduct online Research which could really endow opinions and relative market needs globally. You do not need to worry about your audience to introduce your brand loyalty with so much of costs. We are here to provide you our fullest support through many ways by

  • - Online focus group
  • - Social network analysis
  • - Online interview
  • - Online text analysis
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Cati Market Research

We make use of high-quality computer aided telephone interviewing systems (CATI) to conduct telephone research. Our main surveys are done under the supervision of well experienced interviewers. We provide

  • - B2B surveys
  • - Consumer surveys
  • - Appointment settings
  • - In depth- interviews
  • - C-Level interviews
  • - Phone recruit to web
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Cawi Market Research

We make use of high-quality computer aided web interviewing systems (CATI) to conduct web research. Our main surveys are done under the supervision of well experienced interviewers. We provide

  • - Online survey tools
  • - Online Interviews
  • - Computer assisted personal interview
  • - Online Prototyping
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Health CareResearch

Teamvisory inspires to create a good healthy society. Due to this reason we conduct special medical research to ensure the wellbeing of the society. We are proficient in using

  • - Populator research
  • - Clinical research
  • - Laboratory research
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Mystery Audit

We always make sure whether our research meets the laws and regulations and works in a proper way. As an organizations we use several strategies to evaluate the performance of our research activities they are:

  • - In person Mystery audits
  • - Telephony Mystery audits
  • - Multiple touchpoints
  • - Manual mystery audits
  • - Internet mystery audits
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Analytical Services

Analytical Services means marketing analytics, risk modeling and analytics, analytical services (including collections file processing, lead management, staff augmentation, market research analytics, and model factory), operations analytics, consisting of cash flow modeling, reserve analysis and equity analysis.

  • - Survey Programming & Hosting
  • - Language Translations
  • - Data Processing
  • - Reporting & Charting

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